Work Groups, tasks, tools and enterprise

2018 0825 

The provision of essential goods and services sufficient to secure maximum community autonomy is carried out by the SRN’s Work Groups.  Each of these is defined by a set of mostly routine tasks that distribute the work load within the general area of their responsibility.  These tasks emerge the management and maintenance requirements of buildings, grounds and farm and from the those of community lifeways. 

Community success depends on assigning them to skilled residents, providing them with efficient tools, training up their replacements and venturing into the economic hinterland with enterprise.  Strength in numbers and skill sets is what counts.  Skilled members using tools to perform prosaic tasks is where the rubber hits the road in assuring self-reliance. 

This website arranges essential tasks among seven Work Groups whose names betray their areas of responsibility: Implementation, Coordination, Education, Administration, Building & Grounds, Farm and Shared Life.  It then discusses their tools and the potential forays into the economic hinterland.

We want to display how Work Groups, Tasks, Tools and Entrepreneurial discipline born of these can channel natural inputs through a network of land, shelters, workshops and devices to ensure an enduring flow of essential goods and services indefinitely.