Permitting local security through grid autonomy  


2018 1008

A SRN community’s existential self-reliance means that local economic wellbeing can be secured wherever there is the human need, human commitment and sufficient land.  A community’s location could be deeply rural or in the heart of a hollowed-out city. 

Aside from the matching the number of residents to the carrying capacity of the land, the size would for the most part depend on the balance struck between the aquaponic and open field components of the community farm.    

The salient feature of being maximally autonomous, combined with the ubiquity of the web, means that decisions with respect to location would not be burdened by many of the constraints from earlier eras. 

To a large extent, electric, gas, water and sewage lines would be off the table.  Road access to schools and market jobs would endure, but advanced planning for in-house enterprise projects and the possibilities of home schooling would affect their importance as well.  Maximally autonomous communities would simply provide a wide range of novel economic options–location flexibility being one.