Community body and soul

2018 0925

A Self-Reliant Neighborhood is not unlike the human who is reading these words.  You are an organism of flesh and blood that supports and weaves a meaningful life in a web of significant relationships with others.  The Self-Reliant Neighborhood’s physical body includes its buildings and land and the air, water and solar energy these harvest each day. 

The meaning of the SRN’s life would flow from the worker-family culture that is the backbone of existing cohousing and ecovillage communities. This worker culture begins with members who have intentionally chosen to reclaim the strength and wisdom of extended-family lifeways by sharing vital resources. 

A core strength of a SRN is the confidence its members have in living within shouting distance of folks who have their backs not only in the routine provisioning of life’s essentials, but in the depth and variety of experience a community provides. 

So far, the souls of a minority of economically stable folks, motivated by passion for community and the environment, have created communities to address those needs.  Our candid goal is to further tempt the souls of a majority of folks who a currently motivated by fear—the fear that comes with losing control over one’s life and the fate of one’s children. 

In our times, a former route out of poverty through worker-level jobs in business and industry is vanishing apace.  The Self-Reliant Neighborhood is one possible way forward for folks who suffer from the withering fear that they are permanently hostage to forces beyond their control.  It is our hope and conviction that the regenerative infrastructure body of a SRN can heal the souls of the many.