Developer Management model

2018 0825

Seeding the Earth with maximally autonomous, sustainable communities using a more traditional management system is also a viable option.  One such project has been recently initiated by Regen Village, although it is very much upscale from the option we propose,

It may well be the case that less socially engaging forms of management are more easily replicable and that many families might prefer these to taking on the personal commitments involved in shared, self-governance cultures like cohousing.

While we think the adoption of the latter practices fosters community cohesion and increases autonomy, it is possible that many of their functional equivalents—though certainly not all—could be supplied within the management structure of a residential developer. 

It is entirely possible that a Regen Village type of developer-managed models might be the quickest way forward in many areas. There are, after all, solidly middle and upper class folks who want to be part of the solution and might readily adopt a conventionally managed condo that employed non-residents.

SRNO thinks the planetary task of providing local forms of autonomous energy, water, food, and waste-to-resource practices is a value in its own right and should be supported whether through intense self-governance and employment or through traditional management practices.