Accommodating chronic underemployment 

2018 0825

A SRNO proposal is meant to fill the gap where job market requirements are insufficient to match regional population density.  It would provide families with the option of securing membership in an off-grid neighborhood where their labor could be directly transformed into filling the living requirements of their entire self-governing community.

However, this would in no way preclude access to income from its hinterland.  On the contrary, the essential security of an SRN would liberate members by increasing their work options.  They could hone new skills doing in inhouse jobs, by accessing online education or from cherry-picking part-time regional work, rather than settling for erstwhile Hobbesian work options.  A family’s need for life-sustaining employment might vary over time on a spectrum between full in-house and full market employment.  But nowhere on that spectrum would the physical integrity of a family’s life be put in jeopardy by forces beyond its control.