Responding to unsought, but inherent complicity


2018 0825

Beyond challenged individuals and families, the attractive force of shared community living appeals to and has incorporated more than a few comfortably middle-class families into the Ecovillage Archipelago already.  Some report having felt ethically compromised by their compelled adherence to an unjust economic system.  Such folks are probably the vast majority within today’s ecovillage movement, forming the cadre for its current bottom-up, member-driven model of community formation.  Many have been disturbingly moved by their nation’s and the world’s failure to address longstanding social, economic and environmental challenges.  They have come to regard their participation in community life as an appropriate karmic response to finding themselves unwilling participants in our collective ethical failures.

Many brood over the inability of diverse folks of moderate and low income to be able to join their communities.  I suspect many such families or their children would be willing to join and provide experiential leadership in a SRN that was economically accessible to all.   One does not have to be marginalized to seek a more ethically robust way of life.