Keeping employment-challenged families together 


2018 0928

Families of moderate and low-income have a chronic and escalating problem for which membership in a SRN is one possible solution.  That problem is the lack of a predictable safety net during periods of automation-induced, unemployment or underemployment.

Unlike solidly established middle class citizens, a growing number of folks find the physical integrity of their families threatened by a diminishing pool of secure employment.  They are haunted by unpalatable options:

–to dislocate or separate family members to find work

–to move to less safe or healthy dwellings

–to disrupt adult social networks

–to uproot kids from friendships and schools

–to experience the emotional disorientation of not being able to provide for kith and kin through work.

–to consider a criminal option to provide for their families

The list goes on.  Intended or not, it is concentrated wealth that now finances the relentlessly automating, technical changes behind these disruptions.  The wealthy few, while personally immune from their negative impacts, are intimately involved in the dark side of an otherwise laudable end–the efficient and increasingly inexpensive provision of goods and service—for those who can afford to pay for them.  This is true nationally and globally.

The “O” in SRNO simply suggests that from an ethical point of view all citizens should at least be provided with an option of being able to protect their families through predictable work not subject to outside subsidies.  “Protect” means able to robustly provide life’s necessities.  “Predictable” means under their control.

We proposes that this be accomplished, not by despoiling the few, but by providing economically displaced families with the option of living in self-reliant communities whose destiny they can control through work in a manner analogous to how the few control their destinies through concentrated wealth.

This site is designed to bring together information on autonomy-inducing components, some combination of which could be marshalled to provide self-reliance for a community of families anytime anywhere.  We regard having the option of surviving through work in such community as an ethical minimum.

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